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It's beginning to get harder and harder for first time buyers to get on the property ladder but with more and more specialized mortgages being introduced for first timers getting the funds to buy the property is gradually becoming easier.

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The deposit

Many first time buyers do not have a substantial amount to place down as a deposit and in many cases not even the minimum deposit required after allocating the fees etc which are needed for the sale of the property to go through. This is where taking out a 100% mortgage may be a better option, it gives you the freedom to buy a property without worrying about placing a deposit down. These mortgages are only available to a select number of applicants, normally ones who have a professional occupation, good credit history and are up to the age of 35 (this may vary throughout lenders).

Lenders tend to categorise first time mortgages into two categories, graduate and professional. Professional mortgages would be for people who have come from a professional working background and are able to prove their income and career prospects to the bank. Graduate mortgages are for anyone who has a degree and up to the age of 35.

The Risks

Make sure you understand everything before applying for a 100% mortgage by acknowledging the following risks:

After obtaining the mortgage you may be required to deposit more than finance in cash or securities if the value of the securities you pledged falls below the minimum required by the lender.

If a collateral call was needed to be met then your lender has the right to sell your securities.

They can sell your collateral without your consent or contacting you.

You have no say in what securities can and can not be sold by your lender.

There may not be a time extension when meeting a collateral call.

If you stop making monthly payments for your mortgage you could lose both your property and any securities you may have pledged at the time of buying.

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How does the 100% work
Find out what a 100% mortgage is and whether or not if it is the right option for you. The section outlines the advantages and disadvantages of the mortgage option.

The risks involved
Always a good idea to know all the pros and cons of a mortgage and what you are committing too. This section states the risks involved when taking our a 100% mortgage.

Homework on mortgages
Quick guide outlining what to look out for when taking out a 100% mortgage.


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